Exploring the Features of Celtic TV on IPTV


Celtic TV on IPTV offers fans exclusive content and unmatched access to everything related to Celtic FC. Let’s explore the features that make Celtic TV a must-have for any fan.

Live Match Coverage:

With Celtic IPTV, you can watch live coverage of all Celtic FC matches. This includes domestic league games, cup matches, and European competitions.

Exclusive Interviews and Behind-the-Scenes:

Celtic TV provides exclusive interviews with players and staff, as well as behind-the-scenes footage from training sessions and the dressing room. This content is a treat for fans who want an inside look at their favorite club.

Match Highlights and Analysis:

Missed the live action? No problem. Celtic TV offers match highlights and in-depth analysis, allowing you to catch up on key moments and get expert insights.

Historical Matches:

Relive classic moments with access to historical matches. Celtic TV archives some of the most memorable games in the club’s history, available for you to watch anytime.

Fan Engagement:

Celtic TV includes interactive features that allow fans to engage with content. Participate in polls, send in questions for interviews, and connect with other fans through the platform.

How to Access Celtic TV on IPTV:

1. Subscribe: Visit 1Celtic.com to subscribe to Celtic IPTV.
2. Download the App: Install the Celtic IPTV app on your preferred device.
3. Log In and Enjoy: Use your subscription details to log in and start enjoying all the features Celtic TV has to offer.


Celtic TV on IPTV provides fans with comprehensive coverage, exclusive content, and interactive features. For the ultimate Celtic FC experience, visit 1Celtic.com and subscribe today.